Baboons Hitch a Ride on the Streets of Toronto
 July 15, 2016| 
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Sunderland, Ontario – Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary is honoured to be a sponsor of Bobby Eberle, one of the drivers at this year’s Honda Indy Toronto July 15-17. Eberle competes in the Pro Mazda Championship Presented by Cooper Tires, which will hold a doubleheader round on the streets of Toronto this weekend, and is currently the National Class points leader.

Story Book Farm exists to provide a permanent home and place of safety for primates rescued from the exotic pet trade and biomedical experimentation.  At Story Book Farm, these primates are given dignity and the right to live free of fear or pain from humans.

“I first heard of Story Book Farm through news reports after they took in Darwin, the famous Ikea monkey,” said Eberle who visited the sanctuary with his family on Thursday.  “While racing here in Toronto, I thought it would be wonderful to help Darwin, Pockets Warhol, Mr. Jenkins and all the monkeys who have been rescued and who are now living fuller lives.  These great people work so hard for such a good cause and I’m honored to help them.

“I am truly delighted to have the wonderful Story Book Farm Sanctuary monkeys ‘on my back’ here in Toronto."

Since the change of ownership a year ago, the sanctuary has committed to enlarging and upgrading the existing enclosures.  The sanctuary currently is planning to build new outdoor enclosures for their olive baboons, Sweet Pea and Pierre.   

Pierre came from a zoo in Quebec, Sweet Pea came from a private zoo and did not have access to the outdoors until she was brought to Story Book. Their new outdoor enclosures will allow them enough space to actually run for the first time in their lives – although perhaps not 100 miles an hour.  Although speed matters at the Indy, the fact that Sweet Pea and Pierre will be able to run at all is all that matters.

Please join the sanctuary in supporting Bobby and his team, JDC MotorSports.  We wish him great speed and great success.

Please contact the sanctuary or make a donation at

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